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Prof. Madya Dato' Dr Mohd Izhar Ariff bin Mohd Kashim


Dato’ Dr Mohd Izhar Ariff bin Mohd Kashim is a respected leader and expert in Islamic studies with a Doctorate, Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Syariah from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He currently teaches Fikh at the university and is a published writer and sought-after speaker. He is also a prominent figure in the media, a Shariah advisor for KNKV Group and an advocate for corporate social responsibility. His academic, media and business experience make him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to understand Islamic studies.

Dato' Dr Lawrence Walter Ng


Dato’ Dr Lawrence Walter Ng is an experienced speaker, trainer, and consultant with over 35 years of experience. He is known for making learning interesting and effective through creative presentations and humor. He has personally spoken to more than 2,000,000 participants in his career and has developed unique methods of training and ideas that take participants on an exciting journey of learning excellence. He also founded the concept of the Mental Warrior, an advanced workshop on Brain Power Motivation and the Psychology of Success. Dato’ Dr Lawrence Walter Ng has been appointed as a Business Advisor for KNKV Group, making him a valuable asset for any organization looking to improve their performance and achieve success.

Datuk Wan Azmir Wan Majid

Legal Advisor KNKV GROUP

Datuk Wan Azmir Wan Majid, our Managing Partner, has extensive legal expertise in civil and criminal litigation and arbitration. He specializes in debt recovery, construction, property disputes, and other corporate and contractual matters in civil litigation. He also handles criminal cases involving corruption, drug-trafficking, immigration offenses, and wrongful detention. In addition, he is experienced in defamation suits, probates and letters of administration, divorce, and matrimonial disputes. He was recently awarded the title of Darjah Pangkuan Seri Melaka (DPSM) by His Most Excellency Melaka in August 2021. Trust in Datuk Wan Azmir’s expertise to handle your legal matters.



Professor Adjunct Hj Adam Richman, a renowned marketing strategist, has been acknowledged by the prestigious Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He has also been recognized as one of Malaysia’s Top 100 Young CEOs for his outstanding work in the field, despite his young age of 31. 

In just one year of founding Kaya N Kaya Viral Sdn. Bhd (now rebranded as KNKV Group) in 2015, he has steered the company to a cumulative sales record of RM122 Million in 2021, catering to consumers. Berita TV Al-Hijrah has recognized his achievement of RM20 million for a single client in just eight months, which is regarded as one of the national records. Apart from this, Prof. 

Haji Adam Richman has also been appointed as an Adjunct Professor at Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia University, where he shares his expertise and knowledge in digital marketing with the university members. He mentors and guides the university personnel, lecturers and management to become future leaders in the field. His marketing approach is based on a thorough examination of market data and consumer reactions, ensuring the company’s long-term viability by striving for an advertising expense of 20% with an impact of 80%.

One of his guiding principles is “one action, multiple impacts,” which has enabled many small and medium-sized businesses to maximize their marketing budgets. In addition, RTM, TV Al-Hijrah, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian, Sinar, Kosmo, and many other official media outlets have reported on his success, adding to his reputation as an advertising strategy expert.

PUAN Sakinah Rahman

Chief Operations Officer of KNKV GrOup

Graduated from Universiti Tenaga Nasional in Accounting field.

For more than 5 years, she has worked as a Financial Manager for major corporations like Petronas, Panasonic, Martin Brewer and through experience she has gained invaluable knowledge in the industry.

As a founding member of KNKV Group Sdn Bhd in 2017, she is currently the firm’s central coordinating force, responsible for the organization and coordination of all corporate operations and advertising efforts with her detailed and charismatic leadership.


Digital Marketing Director KNKV Group

Sir Abdun, the Digital Marketing Director at KNKV Group, is a highly accomplished marketing professional with a proven track record of success. He has achieved numerous milestones in his career, including generating over 511,000 followers for a Facebook page with zero followers, managing 20 brands to create enquiry advertisements with a guarantee of a minimum of 100 leads in one month, and achieving more than 10,000 leads within two months.

Sir Abdun has also made remarkable sales of RM3.5 million in e-commerce ads in just two months and has trained 205 entrepreneurs with zero online knowledge to achieve instant results worth a collective sales achievement of RM1.8 million. Additionally, he has managed over 24 clients in a single month with a 95% success rate of delivering promised KPIs. 

With his experience managing over RM1 million in Facebook ads budget, and his achievements as the top 3 stockists for health products at the age of 20 and Top 3 Stockist of a knee care product at the age of 24, Sir Abdun has proven himself as an expert in the field of digital marketing.


CREATIVE Director KNKV Group

Meet Mr Wan Utama, our esteemed Creative Director with over 10 years of experience in marketing, creating viral content, directing, scriptwriting, and graphic manipulation. He is a member of the prestigious Malaysian Film Directors’ Association (FDAM) and has directed over 500 short dramas, TV commercials, radio ads, and short films.

Mr Wan Utama is also the founder of the KNKV Viral Award and has achieved over 200 million views on viral videos, including 13 million views in just one month for one of our clients. He is a recipient of the Thinkcity JB Film Grants Showcase and has been involved in several theatre and concert productions at Istana Budaya. With Mr Wan Utama’s unmatched creativity, professionalism, and talent, he has revolutionized the industry and become the driving force behind our company’s phenomenal success, making him an indispensable pillar of our team.


Corporate Sales Director KNKV Group

Establish and nurture lasting connections with customers by learning their unique business goals and tailoring services to meet those needs. He has a very up-to-date grasp of the landscape and trends in your chosen business.

An expert in creating and delivering unique marketing strategies for each client through proposal presentations and campaign creation



Meet Miss Afiqah, a trailblazer in the world of finance and operations. With 4 years of experience in finance, she joined KNKV Group in January 2021, becoming the youngest member of the team.

Before joining KNKV Group, she achieved a remarkable feat by clearing a backlog of one year and completing the company’s financial audit within just two months in her previous role.

She managed finance transactions on her own for 11 months and established SOPs for the finance and operations department. Not only that, but she also empowered numerous staff members in the operations department, and managed over 100 ad projects within 9 months.

 Her hard work and dedication earned her the Best Staff Management Q1 Award 2021 (Finance Dept) and Best Manager Management Q3 2022 (Operation Dept). While managing daily operations, Miss Afiqah also prepared and assisted in managing the company’s events such as the 7 Mega Business Strategies 2022, Hari Raya, and CSR KNKV Group 2022.

Miss Afiqah is a true leader who has proven time and again that she is a force to be reckoned with.



Introducing Mr Khairul Sani, a seasoned banking professional with 8 years of experience in the industry. In April 2021, he joined KNKV Group and has since made significant contributions to the company. Notably, he played a key role in achieving a sales figure of RM 4,003,315 in 2022. Mr Khairul also introduced company guidelines on various Islamic practices, within KNKV team members.

As the Head of the Committee, Mr Khairul successfully organized the First Annual Dinner and first team-building event for KNKV Group in 2021. He also hosted the 7 Mega Growth event with great success. Leveraging his vast network, he connected more than 30 popular celebrities and preachers with the company.

For his exceptional contributions, Mr Khairul was awarded the “Special Staff Award 2022”. He is also a well-known Islamic influencer in social media. With his exceptional skills and unwavering commitment, Mr Khairul is a true asset to KNKV Group.

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