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"A total of 20 million funds have been collected in just 8 months through public donations in collaboration with KNKV for Bandar Tasik Kesuma Mosque."
- TV Alhijrah
"I am very happy to collaborate with KNKV. They are very professional and creative in producing interesting content. Congratulations to KNKV!"
- Dato' Haji Badli Shah Alauddin, Islamic Scholar & Social Media Influencer
"In just one month, we managed to collect RM700,000 in donations when we advertised together with KNKV. The videos produced by KNKV had a significant impact!"
- Mr Masiran, Head of Construction, Taman Pulai Emas Mosque
"KNKV Services is Quite Good, Quite Affordable, They are Hardworking & Creative in Terms of Ideas."
- Mr Kevin, Branding Manager, XES Shoes
“With the collaboration of KNKV, we succeeded in producing a viral video that helped us to gain a considerable amount of donations. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), we received more than 4 million Malaysian Ringgit in less than 2 months.”
- Mohd Ajumain Ibrahim, Committee member of Baiturrahman Alam Sari Mosque

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